Exploring the Wonders of Chinese Acupuncture

chinese-acupunctureAs a career woman, I seldom get the chance to take a rest because of the demands in my job. There are times when I feel very exhausted that I want to quit work. I think ageing has something to do with my exhaustion because I tend to get tired easily. Unlike when I was younger, I have plenty of energy to do the things I want even after office hours. I have also noticed the frequent muscle pains after a long day of work. When I carry heavy loads, I also feel slight pain in my joints.

There are days when my daily routine becomes abnormal, which means that I don’t get to sleep early because there are tasks that I need to finish. I consulted my physician and was told that some of the major reasons for the conditions I am experiencing are the lack of regular exercise and lack of consistent healthy diet. She recommended that I strictly follow a regular workout schedule or any other physically challenging activities such as jogging or cycling.

Aside from my doctor’s recommendations, I also considered the advice of my long time best friend, which is to try acupuncture. She said that the science of acupuncture is very beneficial and does not pose any health risks. Synthetic drugs and other medicines that use chemicals and artificial elements are known to have health risks especially when taken in large doses. With acupuncture, you are not going to take any tablet or syrup. You are not going to feed your body any foreign material. From that alone, the alternative medical practice is far less risky. 

I have heard about acupuncture several times before but I did not research about it because it was not recommended to me. But now that I learned about its promise of risk-free benefits, I started asking and researching about it. I learned that it basically involves the use of long and very thin needles that are inserted into the different points of our body. The needles have to be sterilized to make sure that it is safe and won’t cause any health risk. The points where the needles have to be inserted depend on the person’s illness or abnormal health condition. It also depends on the result that have to be achieved.

For example, there are certain points on the arms and fingers where the insertion of acupuncture needles help in the treatment of any lung-related ailment or disease. Then, there are points on the wrist and underarm that are connected to the heart. Whatever organ in your body is undergoing unhealthy condition, there are respective points that are situated all over the body where needles can be inserted. After I have researched enough information about the Chinese practice, I searched about the best clinic to avail the treatment. One of the valuable information I got is that an acupuncture session at Freedom Chinese Medicine can instantly do wonders to my body. 

As I did further research on the Web, I also stumbled upon other acupuncture clinics. However, there are those that are run by non-Chinese owners. I decided to go with the Freedom Chinese Medicine because I think that it is only the Chinese who are the best in practicing the traditional method of healing using needles. I am very sure that other women would think like me. So, I looked for the address of their nearest clinic and asked for an appointment. I scheduled the appointment on a Saturday because I don’t want to be very tired when going to the clinic.

On the day of my appointment, I was greeted and accepted warmly. The receptionist entertained me very well and offered some healthy tea. The whole vibe inside the clinic is so relaxing and calming. When faced with the practitioner, I narrated everything about my current condition. I told her that I have been frequently suffering from muscle and joint pains and that I easily get tired when doing a lot of work.  

The practitioner asked me if I know something about acupuncture and I told her everything that I have learned through online research. Then, she added more valuable information to really help me understand the process and objectives of inserting thin needles into the skin. She said that it is a Chinese practice that originated to as far back as 8,000 years ago. This means that the practice has been in use because there is no doubt about its effectiveness.

Then, the next set of information truly amazed me. She said that a few insertions of thin needles on specific points of my body will help in the relief of joint and muscle pains. This happens when the needles are able to send some type of electric energy inside the nerves to loosen elements that block the pathway of the blood.

In essence, I have learned that acupuncture makes the nerves loose in the sense that they are able to let blood flow and circulate more freely. In this way, oxygen can be brought to the different parts of the body such as the brain. This results to normalization of functions and relief of physical pains.

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