Increasing the Success of Your IVF Procedure in Melbourne

acupunctureDo not discount traditional medicine so easily, because they might still be successful especially in combination with today’s practices. For example, women who go through IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatment to conceive might benefit from a higher chance of success when they combine it with acupuncture.

It might not be the most obvious combination, but acupuncturists are finding more and more women going to their practice to hopefully help with their IVF treatments. After all, these procedures are not cheap, and it can be disappointing when they fail. To get more information about availing acupuncture treatment, you may visit this Freedom Chinese Medicine page.

How effective is acupuncture?

Some researchers have tried to check how effective acupuncture really is. One of them, a German study, traced 80 patients where half received 2 treatments lasting 25 minutes each. One of the sessions was before the embryo was transferred into the uterus, and one immediately after. The other half, the control group, did not receive any acupuncture. Afterward, both groups reported success in the treatment, though the first group (with acupuncture) showed a higher success rate than the other group, with 34 pregnancies compared to only 21 for the control group. For women who have already experienced failure in previous cycles, these success rates are very promising.

How does acupuncture help?

Acupuncturists believe that this treatment helps not just in making IVF successful, but in helping couples conceive naturally as well. Here are some ways that this treatment brings various advantages to the body when trying to have babies:

  1. Restores Proper Body Functioning

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture stimulates Qi, a form of life energy that should be flowing without hindrance through our body. Otherwise, you suffer from disease or your systems do not function normally, for example, fertility suffers. However, by going to acupuncture, your body is restored to its natural state, which supports conception.

  1. Produces Endorphins

To those who do not believe in things like Qi, science might also explain the success of acupuncture. Studies have found a link between undergoing the treatment and change in brain hormones that are involved in conception. Specifically, a session leads to more production of endorphins, the chemical that makes us “feel good” and at the same time, regulates the menstrual cycle. A neuroendocrine effect can be seen, which means the two areas in the brain that produce hormones and the ovaries are stimulated. This leads to increased production of eggs and may make ovulation happen.

  1. Produces Eggs

Acupuncture stimulates egg production, especially those who are looking for alternatives to fertility medication. In fact, the success rates for both are the same, with a 50% chance of getting pregnant in 3 months. However, when undergoing IVF, taking fertility drugs are a must, because they produce more than one egg to increase the chances of success.

  1. Increase Blood Flow

For couples who go through IVF can increase their success because acupuncture changes blood supply to the woman’s ovaries so that they are stimulated by hormones. Moreover, many failures can be attributed to a weak uterus lining but the treatment can increase the blood flow and help and implanted embryo attach better.

Is acupuncture for me?

Even if you are scared of needles, you can expect the procedure to be painless. With the right placement of these needles, they stimulate important energy points that will promote balance in your body and restore the proper functioning. However, it is not a magic solution, because some fertility problems are due to structural defects like a tumor or a blocked fallopian tube.

If you are trying to get pregnant especially if you are close to or over 40 years of age, you should first visit your doctor to rule out any structural issues so they can be addressed properly. 

Younger women who can wait a few months should try acupuncture for at least half a year before considering expensive IVF treatment. You might then successfully conceive and save a lot of money.

The key to making it successful is to find a doctor who is trained in acupuncture and has experience with infertility issues. Acupuncture to help with fertility is more specialized and you will benefit a lot from a doctor who has a history of success with similar problems. 

After going through a round of IVF, be wary of continuing with acupuncture beyond the implantation stage. The sessions can also cause a miscarriage so it is important to verify if you are pregnant before going for future appointments.

Women or couples who are trying to conceive might find acupuncture very helpful. This non-invasive traditional procedure is safe and brings a lot of other advantages as well. For as long as the method is safe, and done by a specialist, there is nothing to worry about. In this time and age, many external factors like stress can affect your body and put it out of balance. For as long This might be the simple and cheaper key to finally achieving your dream of your own family!

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