The Best Places in the World to Unwind

travelFor some, traveling means seeing the world’s biggest or oldest cities in the world, like London, New York, or even Rome. Getting lost in the metropolis, visiting historical places or the best art museums is for many of us a lifelong dream. However, these destinations do not just tend to be expensive, they are also too busy and tiring. After a while, you will crave some quiet and peace far away from the city.

As for me, these big cities are nothing new. I already have to navigate through daily traffic, sitting in trains too full and therefore, can only dream of finding a quiet and green place to chill. Because of this, I would much rather travel to de-stress, going closer to nature and enjoying a slower pace of life. In my travel list, I have included, instead, the most relaxing places in the world. There is no better way than to commune with nature.

Interested to see what is on my list? After my research, I have narrowed it down to these lesser-known destinations:

  1. Normandy

Europe has dozens of wonderful cities to visit, and many offer wonderful views and are great for relaxation. Normandy, a city within reach of Paris, is one of these. This is where popular impressionist painter Claude Monet decided to build his home and garden. In fact, his paintings feature parts of this flower-filled paradise. This is already one reason why you should check it out. You will already feel a huge difference between Paris and Normandy. It is definitely a classic small French village, with many small traditional villas to choose from for you and your family. Attractions include Mont Saint-Michel and the historic site of the landings in Normandy.

  1. Turkey

Another popular tourist destination, you would have to opt for the smaller towns or villages like the Dacta Peninsula or Akyaka instead, so that you can avoid the crowds. Beyond the wonderful beaches and the quieter areas, you can enjoy the culture and food more than in the typical tourist spots.

  1. Cornwall

If you are a beach lover like me, Cornwall is a perfect choice for you. Beyond the many beaches to choose from, you will find yourself astonished with the jaw-dropping cliffs. You can spend hours walking around and enjoying the landscape. You can also find some quiet spots where you can rent self-catering cottages to simply unplug from the rest of the world.

  1. Croatia

Croatia is a lesser known alternative to Turkey and Greece, therefore you can also expect the prices to be then much lower. Visit unknown island getaways like Hvar along the Adriatic sea. It has palm trees, green hills, and wonderful architecture, so you can relax and forget about the stresses of life. Moreover, Croatia offers its visitors a lot of affordable health spas, as the waters are very rich in Calcium and Magnesium.

  1. Sardinia

Experience the wonderful Italian culture and the delicious cuisine without dealing with the infamous traffic by opting for Sardinia. Life in this island is much more relaxed, and you can spend your days under the sun. Beyond sitting on the beach with a cocktail in your hand, you can also opt to visit some of their yoga retreats to learn some relaxation exercises you can continue back home.

  1. Canary Islands

If you haven’t noticed by now, I really love beaches. For me, the classic idea of rest and relaxation is feeling the sand between my toes and listening to the sound of the waves. What the Canary Islands have beyond that is the unobstructed view of the stars, which is non-existent in the cities due to pollution. If you think the sunsets are wonderful, you should definitely stay and wait what comes after. This is the best place to contemplate life and wonder at the grandness of the universe. Our little worries seem so tiny in comparison afterward.

  1. Bali

Bali is also quite a popular tourist destination, but it is still not as busy as big cities. You can opt to rent your own luxury villa to get some peace and quiet. The warm hospitality of the locals is guaranteed to be an added plus. Moreover, you can indulge in the fresh tropical fruits and delicious Indonesian cuisine for a fraction of a price back home in the city. My last tip is to make an appointment at the many spas in the island to release that tension from your body.

These are only a few destinations out there for rest and relaxation, and for sure there are more quiet spots that I have missed out. However, if you are looking for an idea for your next holiday where you can unwind and de-stress, then I encourage you to choose any one of these places. Not only will you still see some wonderful scenery, but you will come home feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the real world. Now that is what I call a holiday.


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