Why I Chose Body Weight Training for Weight Loss in Our New Normal

With social distancing apparently the new normal nowadays, it’s not surprising that more Australians are looking for ways to continue their habits in less populated surroundings.

I’ve been used to visiting the gym for my weight training, but with gyms in the country still having limited operations, I’ve had to resort to other methods. Here’s what I found out!

No Expensive Equipment

This is the main reason why I chose body weight training as my alternative in a gym-less society. All I need is space, a yoga mat, and one or two dumbbells to get started.

I added some resistance bands later on because they added to the many workouts I can do on site. The total cost is less than AU$100 and I was ready!  

There’s an Abundance of Help

So once I had the minimal equipment available, the next step was to find a workout routine to follow. I was a bit surprised at how easy it was to find set workouts online.

There was absolutely no need to pay for anything except the internet, and I was already paying for that.

Sites like YouTube have creators with routines that I can follow on the screen. There are 30-day challenges and there are even apps that will give you a set routine!

Impressively, even the apps recognize the value of a “rest day” and will automatically award this to you after a streak. Really, there was no problem finding help from different sources.

There are Intensity Levels

With weight training, if I wanted to increase the intensity, I just added a few more pounds or increased the resistance in the equipment I’m using.

I’ve found that that’s not an option here. However, there are complicated moves that increase the intensity of the workout.

For example, I realized that there are tons of possible ways to do squats that will make each workout just a little bit harder and more effective.

Once I felt I wasn’t breaking a sweat with position A anymore, I move on to position B and get that heady rush of accomplishment.

There’s a Cardio Mix There, Too!

When I started in this journey, I made plans alternate body weight training with cardio. All the literature says that for effective weight loss, I need to switch between the two.

Not surprising since that’s the same principle I follow while at the gym. As I learned more about body weight training however, I realized some workouts already incorporate cardio in them, kind of like hitting two birds with one stone.

There’s the Comfort of Home Workouts

I can blast whatever music I want during a workout – no need for uncomfortable headphones! Plus, I can wear whatever I want and move in perfect confidence and without the typical consciousness I get in the gym.

There’s really less hassle here – especially since everything I can need post and pre workout are in my home – including a blender for a much-needed protein shake.

I Still Get the Results I Want

I thought that without the expensive gym equipment, I won’t be able to continue losing weight – but I did! Being able to stick to a habit helped a lot – but the workouts themselves kept me on track – even during the lockdown!

I wanted to be very accurate with my weight loss tracking so I made room in my budget and bought from some of Australia’s popular smart scales. Through this, I confirmed the continuous weight loss and with the associated apps, I actually had more control over my goals!

To wrap it up – the current situation in Australia and the rest of the world can really throw anyone off their fitness commitments for 2020. However, that’s not an excuse to stop entirely!

Body weight training is just one of the alternative methods that work and if this one doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you can always find a different method.

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